Solar Water Heater

Desire a sophisticated solar water heater? At Integrated Solar, we provide our consumers with the latest advances in the field of solar heating, such as the CopperSun solar heating system.

Located in Phoenix, Integrated Solar was founded in 2007 after the joining of two leading solar manufacturing companies. Established as a reputable solar hot water heating company, Integrated Solar has helped numerous consumers make their homes and businesses more environmentally safe with the assistance of solar water heaters.

Able to be placed in a variety of climates and buildings, Integrated Solar could provide you with the better heating solution you've been searching for.

What is a CopperSun Solar water heater?

Harvesting the sun's energy, CopperSun solar panels are able to transfer energy to the consumer's water source in order to heat it. Providing consumers with a natural way to heat their water, CopperSun also offers a new way to save money.

Cutting down on the amount of electricity that was previously needed to heat water, CopperSun can now save money for consumers every year.

View our products page to view the further specification of the CopperSun solar panels on a diagram. You may also view a photo of the CopperSun's elegant design within the page.

A patented integrated-roof design, CopperSun solar panels are modeled to look like a chic skylight. With no exposed plumbing, CopperSun solar panels sit seamlessly upon the roof and are comprised of:

  • 4-inch diameter absorbing tubes
  • No moving parts, motors, or pumps
  • Low-iron tempered solar glass
  • No exposed hardware

Certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) under system standard OG-300, CopperSun solar panels provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water heaters, featuring renewable energy. Backed by a 10 year limited warranty, CopperSun will be sure to last for years.

Whether you may need an active or passive solar heating system for your home or office, Integrated Solar may be able to assist you.

To contact us regarding any further inquires about our solar water heaters, please call (623) 869-0561 or our toll free number, (800) 927-2326. By filling out our contact form or sending us an e-mail, our staff will be able to assist you.