Solar Hot Water Heater

Considering a solar hot water heater? Then please keep in mind Integrated Solar of Phoenix.

Formed in 2007, Integrated Solar is the result of the pairing of two leading solar manufacturing corporations. Producing both passive and active solar water heating systems, consumers can look forward to a wide selection of solar water heaters that are crafted to perform in both mild and cold climates.

Also featuring solar products for both residential and commercial buildings, Integrated Solar will be sure to help you select the most appropriate solar water heating system to meet your needs.

What solar hot water heating systems do you offer?

Holding extensive experience with integral collector storage systems, Integrated Solar has been able to create a revolutionary line of new solar hot water heating systems called CopperSun.

Compared to other solar panels, CopperSun offers consumers a chance to have the panels attached to their roof without:

  • Unsightly roof racks
  • Exposed hardware
  • Plumbing that tarnishes roof lines
  • Comprising architectural design

Boasting an impressive patented, roof-integrated design sculpted to mimic a stylish skylight, the CopperSun heating panels are placed upon the roof to appear as a part of the house design. These panels can oftentimes be less obtrusive than a fireplace or television satellite, as well.

Please view our products page to see a diagram and picture of the CopperSun solar hot water heating system.

Certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) under system standard OG-300, CopperSun assists consumers in saving money, and helping the environment with its renewable energy.

You'll be sure to enjoy CopperSun for years to come knowing that it is supported by a limited 10 year warranty.

To contact our solar hot water heater specialists today, please feel free to call (623) 869-0561.